Paneltronics Breaker 30 Amps -Frame Magnetic Waterproof

Paneltronics Breaker 30 Amps A-Frame Magnetic Waterproof


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Panel Seal / Waterproof “A” Frame Magnetic Circuit Breakers

  • Branch AC or DC circuit breaker for Paneltronics electrical distribution panels
  • Meets all American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) Standards for non ignition protected circuit breakers
  • UL Recognized (UL 1077) for use in the ., and CSA Certified for use in Canada
  • Trip free (ABYC and )
  • Manual reset (ABYC and )


  • Handle Color Metal with Silicon rubber seal
  • Maximum Amperage 50 Amps
  • Maximum Voltage /AIC 32 VDC/ 2,500 Amps with no Back-up Fuse (ABYC )
  • Rated Switch Cycles Rated Switch Cycles 10,000 actuations at rated current and voltage
  • Electrical Hardware Screw 10-32 x 3/8″ pan combo head (P/N 197-188)
  • Mounting Hardware Hex nut 1/2-32 (supplied with circuit breaker)
  • Lockwasher 1/2″ internal tooth (supplied with circuit breaker)
  • Optional Boot Black silicone rubber (P/N 048-015)

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